Meet my frend Blaize

Dear Dairy,

today im chating with a new frend, Blaize in IMVU..What is IMVU? Imvu is more to a 3D chatting place that meet all people around the place, u can change a dress, make ur own character, join the chat room and even make ur own chat room..

Blaize is not a real name but from his name i know he was a anime fan (otaku). He was 17 years old and he join a cosplay too.. Im soo excited because this is my first time meet a cosplay frends in Imvu. He from Netherlands. He cool ,frendly like goth stuff and what importing is he likes cosplay a Naruto character.. We change our cosplay picture and this is his picture play a 4th Hokage..

and this is Blaize with other cosplay frends there

I sorry it too small, but Blaize in a first row in 4th from left-wearing white cloth
(yay!!hey Blaize i found u!!)
o >_< o

This is the next Blaize cosplay..I wish u good luck expectialy the head part ;)

Ur frends,

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fazzlim berkata...

terkejut fazz tengok etry ni...
tertipu kejap fazz...
ish naru ni...

*dah lama xjenguk blog naru

Cik Violet Sofia berkata...

dem! Sofia tertipuuuu.. hahaha.. mati2 percaya td.

Jom Terjah

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