What do u know about love???
are u in love??are u love someone??or someone love u scretly??
but the most important thing is 

What The Meaning Of Love To U??

I dont know how to start this..seriously I dont know anything about love.I never have
  someone special in my life until now..I meant boys..it make me confuse..did I really love
 him?? or he just my friend?? I have 2 boys to chose..the first boy was good muslim.he kind
 and never talk to girl. and ofcos he have a package I want..or maybe all girl want to find a men like this..but he still the ego one hahaha...he want we to become friend I agred now he
 mad at me..he mad becous I tell my friends (and also his friend) he and I just friend and I 
found another men that perfect with me..(did he jealous??)and the second boy was good in
 study...romantic and sensitive...he want me to become his girl-friend.. I ask to give a time
 to me..yes Im not ready.. I love my single life..                   SINGLE IS SIMPLE!!... 

but Im still just a girl..who want know how to love someone and how the felling went 
someone love u...but why me??Why U love me?? What special about me?? Do U really love 
me when u still thingking and talk about ur ex-girlfriend??   I dont understant ur act we 
just a friend right?? I scare to fall in love..I scare I will broke men heart or my heart broke
 becouse of men.. my friend (boy) ask me about his girlfriend...he want know the girl felling.. and my girl-friends..are u girls agree with me..that a girl easy bored with a guys???
 I agree that I easy get bored with men,boy or guys...
why dont we just love

1. Allah/ ur god

2.mom and dad

3.ur self


I miss u when U dont contact me

I awake when I thingking of U

I affraid when U sick

I change becouse of U

Im confuse about U

I cry becouse of U

I laugh becous of U

Im happy knowing U

When Im bored becouse of U

U know how to get my attention


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